Yuta's Introduction
Yuta meets her new housemates
Hair ColorBlonde (formerly Purple)
Hair StyleLong
Eye ColorSilver
Age0 (physically 16)
RaceBio-Orgainic Robot
OccupationHigh School Girl
RelativesMato (creator)
Seven (potential daughter)
Yuta Bots (sisters)

Real World




Three’s A Crowd Just Waiting To Be Hypnotized…

First Hypnotized AppearanceThree’s A Crowd Just Waiting To Be Hypnotized…

Bio-orgainic hypnotic robot. Yuta is less than a year old, though she looks like a hot sixteen year old. She was actually a friend of Jake's long before most of the others, but she went away with Mato's old assistant to try and live a more peaceful life. Yuta's craziness is anything but peaceful, and she has since moved back to add to the household. She sees Jake as kind of a big brother influence, and maintains a cheery demeanor almost twenty-four seven. Yuta always has a ribbon and her favorite crystal earrings on, has silver eyes, and blonde hair past her rear.


As a bio-organic construct created by Proffesor Mato Yuta possesses several abilities.

Enhanced physical abilities - Mato described Yuta's physical abilites as roughly double that of his previous creation. How great that means her abilities are has yet to be demonstrated in cannon though they can safely be assumed to be beyond that of a normal humans.

Remote hacking - Yuta has wireless systems and programs which allow her to access and hack into computer systems.

Sprial eyes - Yuta's most common method of induction is to turn her eyes into a pair of spirals which draw those who look into them to fall into a hypnotic trance.

Hypnotic voice - Yuta is able to emit a sound frequency that is able to entrance those who listen to it, though time may vary for victims based on resistance. Yuta is able to control the sounds emision so that she is able to pick out specific individuals who are entranced by her voice. In her premier she also displayed the ability to include instructions in the song though they are not immediatly noticeable until the victim starts to be entranced.

Spare parts - Being a construct Yuta is able to have parts of her swapped out and replaced if needed.