Katsumi Midori (克己 みどり)
Midori Suechan
Midori by Suechan
Hair ColorBlack
Hair StylePonytail
Eye ColorBrown
OccupationDemon Slayer
High School Student
RelativesMiyamoto (grandfather)
Chika (younger cousin)

Real World


Gbrn32e, Malroth


Midori Arc 1: A Matter of Honor

Midori Katsumi is a samurai hailing from far off Nippon, a land resembling old Japan.  She has long black hair and generally wears a green robe, except when attending school.  She is one of the last descendants of the Katsumi family, which has devoted the past 1500 years to protecting their land, and the world, from demonic threats.  Initially a happy child, an incident in her youth separated her from her immediate family, and she was raised by her grandparents in their village, where the Katsumi family is greatly revered.

Seventeen when she enters the fanfics in Midori Arc 1: A Matter of Honor.  She had spent the last ten years training and fighting demons, which Nippon is replete with.  Has a weakness for cute boys, but given the series, that doesn't have much opportunity to be brought up.  She learned that the ancestors of the Mato family caused a great dishonor to her own ancestors, she requested her grandfather tell her what the disservice was.  When he refused, she set out to kill a member of the Mato family to make things right.  Through a small series of misadventures, she found Jake and nearly killed him several times before seeing Dawn and going berserk at her.  She eventually led Dawn to knocking herself out, but was tranced by Jake, nearly leading to an unfortunate suicide before she was knocked out.

Upon awaking, she meets Jake again the next morning and again almost kills him until her grandfather stops her, relents, and tells her the disservice the Mato's performed.  She decided that the offense wasn't worth killing over, but now that she knew what it was, she was obligated to marry Jake, with a claim stronger even than Katia's.  Her grandfather decided to let the wedding go some years, but decided to have Midori live with the Mato gang due to her curiosity of the outside world.

Initially cold towards many of the group, she starts to warm up to them, and vice versa.  Except for Dawn.  Midori despises demons, and due to this, rarely if ever treats Dawn well.

The samurai girl is quite powerful.  Midori's Family Sword makes her even more fearsome when she is wielding it.   She is also a skilled priestess, able to purify and suppress the unpleasing demonic aura of Dawn's room.


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