Not much is known about the exact layout or description of the Mato estate.  It is the residence of the world famous Professor Mato.  The house itself is undoubtedly large, as it has rooms for at least 10 people, along with the other accommodations like a kitchen and TV room.  There is also apparently a secondary lab in the basement.
Aside from the house, there is also a ten story lab building, featured prominently in the fanfic The Midori Arc - Part 2 - Haywired Homeshield
The estate is apparently enclosed by a fence, as a password is required to open a gate to gain entry.  Traditionally, the password is 'boobies'.  In addition to the fence, the estate is also protected by a security system known as Homeshield, an intelligent but not necessarily self-aware computer program, which controls a variety of weapons and other devices to keep the residents safe.  Homeshield is always polite, even when beating the crap out of an intruder.