General Adams
OccupationArmy General
RelativesUnnamed Daughter

Real World




Midori Arc 2: Haywired Homeshield

A general in one of the armies of Bishieland, making his onetime appearance in Midori Arc 2: Haywired Homeshield.  A seasoned veteran, he was chosen to lead the operation to disable the barrier around Yoto so the city could be nuked to prevent the spread of the Homeshield Virus.

Upon learning that Fawn, Katia, Mina, Diana, and Dawn were residents or friends of the Mato house, Adams asked them for a way to contact Mato to hopefully end the crisis without using the nuke.  He was strongly motivated, as his daughter and her family lived in Yoto and he hadn't heard from them.  Unfortunately, the girls could not help him, and he was willing to proceed with his orders, sure that wiping out the virus was the most important thing.  However, he enabled the girls to delay their operation with their impromptu USO show to give their friends left in the city a chance to destroy the virus.  He also provided Dawn with the Mato Annihilatobots for her part in the show.

After the barrier was down, and the missile launched, Adams and the girls waited for the end of the crisis solemnly.  But when learning from Jake that the virus was gone, Adams tried to convince his superiors to abort the attack.  They did not, so he violated orders and reactivated the barrier, preventing the explosion.

Surrendering himself to military custody, he awaited his punishments, taking comfort that it had been worth it.

However, critical evidence for his trial went missing, likely reducing his punishment to honorable discharge.  Dawn has playfully hinted that she was responsible for the disappearing evidence.

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