Dawn using her powers on Sarah and Lucia
Hair ColorRed
Hair StyleLong
Eye ColorBrown
RelativesLucius (father)
Lilith (mother)
Dusk (elder sister)
Belladonna (potential daughter)

Real World




Window Shopping

First Hypnotized AppearanceConquering Demon or Conquered Demon

A succubus. Dawn appears to be mid-twenties, thought being a demon means she might age very slowly. No one has yet had the nerve to ask her yet. Dawn has flowing red hair and brown eyes, though her most striking traits (beyond the obvious pair) would be her wings which she can fold in, and her tail which is out all the time. Dawn is a demon, more specifically a succubus who feeds off the energy of others. To do this, she uses hypnotic attacks to make her targets very compliant. Dawn naturally hates Sarah, as the officer has come close to arresting her several times. But Dawn always manages to stay one step ahead.


Dawn possesses a number of abilities from her succubus nature such as:

Flight/hovering - While in her introductory story she could not fly; Dawn later gainned the ability to fly using her wings. However even in her premier she still displayed the ability to levitate.

Energy sensing - In the earlier stories Dawn displayed an ability to detect hypnotic energy when it was being used. This is how she became aware of Jake and Yuta and labelled them as her targets.

Energy drainning -  Dawn is capable of drainning energy from an individual by making physical contact with that person and focusing. Dawn like all succubi can do this as a method of feeding ,though wether or not this negates the need for mundane consumption is an unkown, this act does not harm the victim beyond leaving them extremely tired or unconcious. However as the feeding is not necessary for maintaining the health of succubus drainning a person is considered illegal.

Ability drain - When using the energy drain on an individual capable of using hypnotic energy Dawn is able to drain the energy to boost her own powers. If further focus is given to the drainning Dawn has demonstrated the ability to copy specific powers from the victim as seen when she copied Jake's contact hypnosis power. It has not been established if the drain gives Dawn a permenant boost or only a temporary boost, however those she drains have shown no issues in using their powers later.

Hypnotic powers- Dawn has the ability to cause individuals to fall into a hypnotic trance using her eyes, her tail, and energy orbs.